Stanford Grad Students Design Fully Recyclable Laptop


In a groundbreaking innovation in the flooding gadget world, a group of graduate students designed a laptop which can be fully disassembled and recycled.  Disassembling this Bloom laptop is not a laborious process, it needs just two minutes, that too without any tools.

The idea aims at making technology more eco friendly and sustainable, a relevant innovation with today’s heaping up e-waste. The peculiar design of present day laptops which makes it impossible for an average user to open or upgrade the machine without the help of a technician also made the students pursue such an idea. It took nine months for the group of mechanical engineering students from Stanford University and Finland’s Aalto University to zero in on a prototype.

The students replaced screws in conventional laptops with latches. This makes Bloom an easy-to-dismantle laptop, without touching a screw driver. All components except the LCD screen, motherboard and keyboard can be recycled in most home-pick up recycling centers.

The three components should be sent to the facility which can recycle them. The students have placed a pre-paid envelope on the back of the screen with the address of the nearest such facility. You just need to send them.

Thus Bloom laptop, apart from being a green gadget, gives ultimate flexibility and usability to the users that no other present day laptop can promise. The cutting edge of Bloom is that it can be disassembled in 10 simple steps without the help of any tool.

This helps any user in cleaning and upgrading one’s system as and when he/she wants to. Moreover, the keyboard and track pad of the Bloom can be detached and arranged according to the ease of individual users.

Interested?  Check out the video for more and don’t hesitate to the tells what yo think of this :

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