Sol Cinema Movie Theater is Powered by the Sun! When Are We Having One for Ourselves? (Video)


What you are just about to read is something so unique that you would also want to emulate! No kidding, when you finish reading this you could be slapping yourself for not thinking about such a venture before these guys did that.  We are talking about the Sol Cinema! Media arts charity Undercurrents is behind the initiative and the venture is funded by them.

The Sol Cinema is the world’s smallest solar-powered movie theater. Doesn’t that give you the WOW moment? Here’s more about it. The movie theatre has been made out of a converted caravan and is powered by four large lithium-ion batteries. The power to chare the Li-Ion batteries come from two 120W solar panels. So unique, indeed!

The Sol Cinema is something that you would never leave if get a chance to be somewhere inside the made up caravan once. The theater has a library that is stacked up with loads of environmental films, made by the people all around Ramsgate, says Ecorazzi. The videos on the racks include even those made during the 1960s.

Apart from bringing in the best eco-movies to your doorstep, the Sol Cinema also strives to raise awareness about solar power .

Wanna know more? Watch the video below. We bet you would want to be inside the world’s smallest solar powered movie theater soon!

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