Sinclair Research X-1 Three-wheeled Pedal-Electric Hybrid Due in July 2011

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I would definitely want to go riding to office, perched pretty in this cutie. The latest innovation on wheels – a less number of them in fact – from Sinclair has enough ammo to make any human spellbound. Christened Sinclair Research X-1, the single-person electric transport vehicle takes off from an earlier Sinclair conceived an rolled out way back in 1985. The 2010 model has lots to lure you, with a cut down in wheels, weight and addition of loads of charming factors.

The new Sinclair Research X-1 comes about as an pedal-electric hybrid recumbent bicycle that has an open-sided fairing, aerodynamics and ergonomic pedaling position.

That’s not all – it has more alluring aspects that could make you wait for a release date.  Among the various features are weather protection aspects, and the lightweight persona. The tiny looking 16-inch wheels – 3 in number- are more than enough to speed you destinations without any impact on the environment. No, I don’t mean you will be able to touch high speeds, but you indeed can rely on it as you run past destinations in a jiffy. You can also pedal along in case you love doing that.

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The elder sibling that came out in 1985 was called the Sinclair C5 and is revered as the world’s first mass produced electric vehicle. Electric vehicles weren’t in vogue then, and so the C5 turned a commercial flop after having sold just 17000 units. Poor battery life was another reason attributed to its failure then.

The X-1 seems to have taken the failure of its predecessor in its stride and comes equipped with a new powerful 24V lithium battery. A Gizmag review says a 190W MCR motor is connected to the back wheel by a fixed gear drive chain, and it also has an integrated roll cage and a carbon fiber monocoque chassis with built-in front and rear lights.


Look forward to the launch of Sinclair Research X-1 by July next year. The expected price: £595 (US$846). Are you getting one?

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