Sarah Palin’s Alaska Hits Troubled Waters for Violation of Wildlife Norms


The latest celebrity to have turned reality television star seems to have tread on troubled territory. The US’ Vice Presidential nominee turned reality star Sarah Palin is under fire after her show Sarah Palin’s Alaska attracting flak. The reason for all the uproar is that the show, which premiered on TLC on Sunday night, has allegedly violated wildlife norms!

Take a look at the video posted alongside and you will know why conservationists are irked. The clips show Palin and family on a fishing trip next to a family of protected brown bears. Why should that be cause for concern, you might ask.

As per Alaska state guidelines, boat passengers are required to stay at least 30 feet away from the protected, but Palin and team are found to have sailed in closer to the bear family. And, that means Palin has violated norms.

The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has pushed a petition urging Discovery to withdraw the series. It remains to be seen as to whether the popular show will be axed. Discovery may have a reason to stay with the series, as Sarah Palin’s Alaska attracted a record 5 million viewers for its launch.

Now, here’s the video sourced from Ecorazzi. Watch it and tell us if Sarah Palin’s Alaska should really be scrapped.

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