Renault ‘Zoe’ Electric Hatch Can be Named So; Petition Challenging the Christening Ruled Against


Ruling against  a petition by a group of French women and girls, a judge has allowed automaker Renault to name their upcoming electric hatch under the Zoe badge. On behalf of the petitioners, lawyer David Koubbi argued that once the company names their car as Zoe it would cause certain problems to his clients. He stated that it will be disturbing for them to hear ‘the Zoe has broken down’ or indeed ‘he or she killed herself in a Zoe’.

Koubbi commented after the ruling that there is a line between living things and inanimate objects, and that line is defined by the first name. He claimed that first names are always meant for humans and not for inanimate objects.

He pointed about the pathetic situation that the girls might face if someone comes up to them and make funny comments ‘Can I see your airbags?’ or ‘Can I shine your bumper?.

But the judge ruled that it will be not fair to ban the naming of the car until the move proves to cause certain, direct and current harm.



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