Panasonic EX BE-ENE Electric Bike Comes with a Battery with the Biggest Capacity for an e-bike Ever!


People seem to be increasingly tilting towards e-bikes and realizing this are the makers. Technology company Panasonic is definitely seeing an opportunity in this domain and is contributing to the greening of the globe. The company has just outed a new electric bike, and what we like about it is that it comes with a battery with the biggest capacity for an e-bike ever!

The e-bike, named EX BE-ENE, (we are still trying to find out why they settled for such a name) will boast of a 12Ah battery that is head and shoulders above any other conventional e-bike batteries. The guys at CrunchGear testifies that the  capacity is easily more than 20 per cent compared with the peers.

The Panasonic EX BE-ENE  runs three modes, making it easy for the rider to just freak out without harming the environment. While the automatic mode allows for covering around 46 km on a single charge, the power mode returns 46km. Significantly enough, the third mode – the eco-mode- makes it possible to travel for 66km.


Weighing 27.7 kg and size specs reading 580×1,875mm, the Panasonic EX BE-ENE  will go on sale starting December 6th this year –  in Japanese markets only initially though. Keep an equivalent of $1600 handy so that you don’t have to think twice to buy yours.

Once you get it, all you need to do is to be patient for four hours as it gets fully charged. And, then, have fun on two wheels!

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