Pamela Anderson’s India Jaunt has a Mission: Ban Leather!


The Indian media seem to be celebrating the arrival Pamela Anderson to India to make an appearance on Bigg Boss – the Indian sibling of the much popular Big Brother. All eyes  are on the Baywatch babe, but Pam is on a mission. The PETA activist is raking up the issue of leather products yet again, and this time around the blonde bombshell is looking to drive the message across to the Indian higher ups so that something can be done at the administrative level.

Pamela is understood to have prepared a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh urging him to ban the production and sale of leather goods. With a major part of India’s population likely to be endorsing her mission, Pam seems to be so confident of reaping success this time around.

Pam, according to Ecorazzi, has said in her letter that she called upon every kind person in India and throughout the world to join her in rejecting all leather products so as to help put an end to the suffering. She also urges the people not to shop for leather shoes, bags, jackets, belts or anything else made of animal skin.

With many Indians revering animals, Pamela’s India jaunt with a leather ban mission might be heard. Bigg Boss or not, Pamela Anderson’s mission is indeed noble. Don’t you think so?

We are now looking to know what would be the Indian Big Boss’s decision after he receives Pam’s letter. Are you someone who would endorse her call for a complete leather ban? Tell us what you feel.

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