Luxury Condoms in a Jewellery Box: Eco-friendliness Stays Up too!


Imagine walking into a lifestyle store and picking a jewellery box only to find some cool condoms inside! Yes, this could happen, thanks to The Original Condom Company, powered by French aristocrats Prince de Bourbon and Count de Bizemont. What we like about this new lone of condoms is that it is not just highly exclusive and a tad higher priced, these condoms are eco friendly too!

Rolled out of The Original Condom Company stables, the new line of luxury condoms come packaged in cases inspired by high-end jewellery. You get to own a black box with gold letters superimposed on it and an interior spruced with velvet. The contents of the pack: six condoms.

We get to hear that the options for all you condom shoppers include The Pocket with 3 condoms priced at $13.50, The Regular  with six condoms priced at $20 and The Refill of 12 condoms priced at $24.

When we say these new birth control stuff is extremely eco-friendly, we mean that the company has invested lots to protect the environment and has organized the carbon offsetting of the products.

We know you are all set to buy your packs, and flaunt them too. For, the boxes they come in are worthy enough to be shown off than being hid inside the cupboard in your bedroom or underneath the pillow.

We do not know when the products are reaching stores in your locality. But when they do come, aren’t you going to buy them? Tell us more.

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