Li-Ion Motors Inzio Electric Supercar Cruises at 170mph; Big Deal for an EV


The North Carolina-based Li-Ion Motors has unveiled their electric supercar, Inzio, at SEMA. This two seat roadster is tagged as the first all American-made electric supercar in the world. The company was in the news as it bagged victory at the Automotive X-Prize competition. The vehicle will be powered by the company’s own patent-pending lithium-ion battery technology which promises a range of 250miles (321km).

The company has said that the power output of this battery counts more than 40kW (upgrade to 96.7kW available), while its electric motor delivers 145kW. Thus, the battery can speed up the vehicle to 60mph in mere 3.4 seconds and the top-speed that they claim is a whopping 170mph (272km).

The leather and suede Recaro seating offers users a comfortable interior experience and it also sports an entertainment system that comprises a 5.0 digital surround sound system (with 12″ subwoofer), GPS navigation, and video monitor with DVD player, audio/video and mp3 input.

The company has crafted the car with high-intensity halogen headlights, a removable hard top, and an optional moveable back wing which has given it a characterized look.

The car has been designed and brought out with an aim of delivering the best driving experience with no harmful emission and when the specs are revealed it seems that the company has accomplished their goal.

The EV is all set to roll out by the middle of 2011 and hopes to bear a price-tag of $139,000.

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