Kyocera Lining Up Eco-Friendly ‘Solar Cycle Station’ for e-Bikes


Kyocera has come up with the plans of implementing ‘Solar Cycle Station’ as an alternative eco-friendly charging option for e-bikes. The ‘Solar Cycle Station’ is primarily a bike-stand and is intended to allow the users to utilize solar power for charging their e-bikes. This initiative is really expected to draw attention of the folks as it will shadow the problem of the previous power sources that were not eco-friendly.

The standard version of the bike-stand is brought out with total of three solar modules that is expected to provide a maximum output of 79.8V (operating current: 7.84A). The company claims that the stand will  produce 1.14kWh per day when faced to south. Six e-bikes can simultaneously be charged at a charged station.

The e-bikes market is experiencing a marvelous growth in Japan in the recent times. The growth has marked an increase of 50% in the past 5 years. The demand is to increase in a faster rate in the future and that’s a sure bet by e-bike rental services.

The ‘Solar Cycle Station’ is not too cheap as it costs $23,000 and is available in the Japanese markets now.

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