Green Invasion in Lima Creates Healthy Public Spaces


What if greenery invades the cityscapes just from nowhere as in some Sci-fi movie? What if it happens with cityscapes like Lima in Peru? A recent event tells us, it won’t create much of a problem, especially if a city is devoid of enchanting public places. Green  Invasion, an eco-friendly installation designed by architects Genaro Alva, Denise Ampuero, Gloria Andrea Rojas and industrial designer Claudia Ampuero and staged in the cityscapes of Lima as a part of the mega event known as Lima’s Great Week gave a green lesson to everybody.

Among a number of works presented as part of the event, one which created an impromptu public park with greenery worth a mention.

The most notable feature of these installations is that it utilizes recycled tires in such a way that they are now planting pots, which are portable anywhere. The work has designed an easily accessible public space with greenery made from natural grass. Plants are supported by recycled products like tires and other plastic materials. There are funny seating places standing on wooden legs with a natural grass cushion.


Recycled plastic is used as a part of the installation to make sculptures in the park, says Inhabitat. The architects have made use of drought resistant plants for this instant park, reducing the efforts to maintain the park in such a busy city like Lima.

This green innovation is worth following not only because it is eco-friendly and sustainable, but because it meets the common man’s need for recreation spaces in a congested city life. WHO suggests at least 8 sq meter recreation space is needed for every city dweller, while it is just 1.98 sq meter in Lima.

We feel, this green invasion is something which Lima authorities should keenly support and implement just to give some breathing space for its people.


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