Eco-friendly & Cruelty-free Clothes from New York Artificial (Video)


The world has been going greener by the day, trying out better options to make Mother Earth survive. Here’s one unique venture we happened to stumble upon, and yes we like it.  We re talking of a clothes shop in New York City that offers a very natural approach to clothing and accessories. Known by the name of NYA  (or New York Artificial if you want to spell it in full), the clothes for sale in the shop has nothing artificial about them. They, we understand, are as natural as natural could be.

Alex Guzman is behind the venture,  and it is he who opened NYA Green in 2004 and NYA Blue later on. The best thing about the clothes shop is that you will be able to pick from eco-friendly and cruelty free options.

By that we mean, you will be able to shop for anything from clothes to accessories and handbags that are not made from leather but from silks and wool.

The clothes here are made using designs that put to play modern day fabrics such as jeans, and also stuff from the 1950s, 1960s and the mid-70s.

One good thing guaranteed is that you won’t find even one piece that has been treated with toxic chemicals.

So next time you land in New York City, look out for this one. Also tell us if you have come across such stores as NYA. In the meanwhile, watch an ABC Eyewitness video on NYA here.

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