The World’s First 5-Star Green Building is in Auckland; Welcome to Ironbank


Ironbank building in Auckland is the first structure to ever receive 5-Star Greenstar rating awarded by the New Zealand Green Building Council for its forward-thinking green systems. It has received a number of accolades earlier too. The innovative elements that have contributed to its green part include rainwater collection, solar hot water heating, natural ventilation via a night purging system, low embodied energy materials, and the recycling of nearly 95% of the construction materials.

The innovative and Energy-efficient design and lighting lower energy use and create a more comfortable environment for the employees and visitors to the building.

Another impressive feature incorporated is the parking garage which has an innovative robotic car stacking system. The automatic stacking system parks 95 cars underground with a robot, where 25 of those spaces are designated for small cars.

The structure, says Inhabitat, is a mixed-use office and retail building in itself and stands unique for its “rusty container” architecture. Its environmentally-sustainable design is conceived by Auckland-based RTA Studio.

The front facade has retail space and has been built to respect the height of the Victorian and Edwardian buildings that surround it. The back portion of the building is composed of a rusty facade and container-like blocks stacked at skewed angles. This tower altogether accounts for seven stories.

The massive structure has been erected in the historic area in between Auckland’s central business district and a quarter undergoing urban renewal.

The front façade respects the historic nature of the street, which has been designed with a hue of the fashion in the old days. The tower at the back contrasts with a very industrial, utilitarian and functional aesthetic and program.

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