Swigz Electric Superbike Gets a KERS Booster Dose (Video)


Swigz superbike has been fascinating us due to its versatile features, especially the KERS – the kinetic energy recovery system. It is the element that makes the bike distinguished from the other electric superbikes. The innovator of the machine –  Chip Yates – has a lot of hope on this machine though he is yet to ride it.

KERS is the key factor that determines the performance of the bike and unlike other electric bikes; the Swigz has the regenerative braking attached to the front brakes. The front brakes are more frequently used while a bike is on the move. Chip and his team have worked to utilize this factor for improving the performance of the bike.

The innovation will enable the riders not have to restriction on the power output of the bike to a lower level for conserving energy for final laps.  They can actually force their machine with maximum power along with conserving the energy.  More on this, here & here.

In case you are looking for even more, here’s a video that brings all you wanted to know about the  mean machine.

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