Solar Power Gets Sexy; Renewable Energy Girls Calender Tells You All About It


Look what campaigns are turning out to be, of late! Anything sexy sells, and may be they get discussed too.  It seems renewable energy too is taking the babe route to garner a bit of that extra popularity out there. Renewable Girls’ solar powered web hosting provider’s 2011 calendar has come up with a new idea to portray the merits of renewable energy in the mainstream, sexy and fun way. The new calendar, however, is currently being dissected threadbare by the purists.

Purists have started lambasting the concept saying that it is nothing more than the exploitation of women. Many have criticized the attempt, saying that everything revolves around sexy women.

At the same time, there are people who support it, saying it is not a total fail. Most of the netizens have however preferred to say that the photographs have been poorly themed.

Renewable Girls, founded by John.B is located at San Francisco. It is said that the most popular option listed on the site is the solar energy calculator, which allows homeowners to calculate just how much energy they could generate with an array on their roof. John inaugurated. Renewable Girls in February 2010 with a raucous 12 hour calendar shoot in downtown Los Angeles.

Here are the girls striking a pose. Tell us what you feel about the theme and the portrayal.






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