Qatar’s Lusail Iconic stadium: Ecological Concerns


Qatar is not fooling around as a bidder for 2022 World cup football. To turn down apprehensions about the high temperature of the climate and to convince FIFA, they have started building a massive, USD 4 billion budgeted football stadium. According to Qatar President, the stadium can guarantee a cool 27 Degree Celsius for spectators and players.

The Lusail Iconic stadium with a capacity to accommodate 86.250 spectators, according to Foster and Partners- the constructors of the stadium-, is energy efficient and perfect for extreme summer climatic condition.

It is going to be a concrete example of sustainable eco friendly energy generating architectural design with its parking and service areas shaded by canopies of solar collectors. These solar collectors will produce energy for the stadium as well as for the neighboring buildings, when it is in use.

The concern among environmentalists and energy conservation activists is about the balance between the energy requirements for cooling and the solar energy generation capacity of the stadium.

Many suspect that the energy generated from the solar panels will not be enough to meet the requirements of the stadium especially with rumors about new technologies being used to bring down the temperature.

If they make it possible, it will set an international model for energy conservation coupled with the spirit of the soccer game.

But in a world witnessing big event stadia turning into white elephants to the economy and society, questions about such initiatives are relevant at least for sustainability concerns.

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