Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia House Comes Up: Activists Rubbish Green Claims


Guess where Reliance Industries’ boss Mukesh Ambani will check into soon? Antilia is what it is called. The family home built for one of the richest men in India accounts for a construction expense of $ 1 billion. The house in Mumbai unveiled its first renderings two-years ago, initially marketed itself as one of the greenest buildings to in the world. The massive structure is now completed with 27 stories, with a total area of over 398,000 square feet of living space and standing at a height of 568 feet.

The design of the building has been conceived by architecture firms Perkins+Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. It took several years to complete and the tower would in fact hold 60-storeys against the 27 storeys, but Ambani had opted for standard-height ceilings, rather than exceptionally high floor-to-ceiling program.

It is situated on Mumbai’s Altamount Road, the prime real estate in the dense metropolis, towering over surrounding buildings less than half its size.

The building is equipped with a health club, a dance studio, a swimming pool, a ballroom, guestrooms, a variety of lounges, a 50-seater movie theatre, three helicopter pads installed on the roof, and a car park for 160 vehicles on the ground floors. The Ambanis have employed 600 staffers to tend to the home, adds Inhabitat.


It is not going to be a smooth sail for the building, though! Green activists have started rubbishing the green claims of the building and describe it as exemplary of excessive consumption, extreme wastefulness, and unsustainable living. Experts also add that no other private property of comparable size and prominence exists anywhere in the world.

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