MIT Tiny City Car to Come with In-Wheel Motors

MITcitycarMIT has come out with their latest concept of diminutive electric car. They are moving out of traditional centralized powertrain designs and are planning to launch the vehicle with four in-wheel motors which power the car. Although the project is in its early stages only, the attempts of the company attempt is appreciated as it is aiming at low-impact city cars for the urban atmosphere.

For the proposed model, the power will be provided from a lithium ion battery pack. The company says that the battery could be recharged within 15 minutes although there was no indication about the range of the battery.  The use of in-wheel motors allowed the designers to reduce the size of the car greatly and the according to the present design, it is said that three of such city cars will be able to fit in a conventional parking spot. This can make a great impact on the crowded urban environment.

The car is expected to have a range equivalent of 150-200 miles per gallon of gasoline, says Autobloggreen.  The vehicle will be sized smeller than every smart cars that exists and is expected to weigh around 1000 pounds. The project is an evolution of 2007 city car concept of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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