i-Light Marina Bay in Singapore Decked Up with Sustainable Lighting Installations


If you are by any chance in Singapore at the moment, let us tell you there is a visual treat awaiting you along the Marina Bay shores. Ask your guide or the travel office as to what this i-Light Marina Bay is all amount and we are sure you would want to be there. For, Asia’s first eco-friendly light art festival just got off to a splendid start in Singapore’s  i-Light Marina Bay, decked up with a variety of sustainable lighting installations. What interests us more about the whole event is that the lighting installations have been made out of recycled materials. Renewable energy is used for illumination.

Showcasing as many as 25 light art installations, the event brings art and new technology challenges.

LEDs, solar power and discarded cooking oil abound in the installations. Besides, static displays such as Fire Flies made out of recycled PET bottles and blinking diodes –  designed by Francesco Mariotti.



Other installations include fishing rods mounted onto each of the four pods on The Helix Bridge where visitors can use a hand crank to generate renewable electricity to light up LEDs that mimic fishing lines.

There are also lots of interactive lighting arrays, which seem to do the undoable. Why not check them out yourself. More on that here & here.


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