Go Green Shopping, Online!


Wanna go green shopping? Try that online! Abe’s Market is emerging as the online ‘supermarket’ which is likely to become a one-stop shop for eco-friendly products. This Chicago-based website, is regarded as the perfect spot for natural and organic products. The line up of organic products includes food items to home decor materials. The site is gaining popularity and is enjoying demands from people who are looking for products they can be comfortable with and to make sure its ingredients are all-natural and organic.

Abe’s Market features more than 150 small businesses and several of them are in Chicago, says ABC7News. The list includes items from Bean Products, the firm situated on the west side of the city, which is popular for their variety of eco-lifestyle items. Massage pillows, bean bag, most of which are made from hemp or organic cotton, and chairs are among their most popular items.

Hemp fabrics is very environmentally-friendly because it doesn’t require pesticides and grows really fast whereas cotton enormous amounts of pesticides. The products are stuffed with a mix of scrap latex foam and polyfiber that was once plastic bottles thereby saving ten two-liter soda bottles from the landfill, as per the estimates. They also use buckwheat hulls.

Bean Products has been in business for nearly 20 years, but has never had a retail store. They have moved from catalog sales to online e-tailers.

Abe’s market thus provides eco-conscious entrepreneurs a platform for consumers to get to know them and at the same time offering thoughtful shoppers more planet-friendly options.

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