Electric Vehicle Users to Enjoy Free Juice Bar Access at Parking Lots


Connecticut-based Green Garage Associates has initiated plans to provide vehicle chargers in convenient, public locations as the demand for plug-in vehicles are increasing day by day. The company has initiated campaigns to persuade the parking owners to purchase and install its Garage Juice Bar, a custom-designed EV charger.

The installation, which enables the plug-in drivers to use the charger when they park their vehicle in the lots, would be offered without any additional charges to the existing standard parking fee. Although the free filling is not a new facility, Green Garage Associates has brought it in a way which parking lot owners could benefit from offering the free charging.

The Green Garage Associates’ Juice Bar chargers are active in Cambridge, MA and New Haven, CT. They are currently working with the installation program of ten chargers in the San Francisco area and have already signed a deal to spread the chargers to a lot near the Denver International Airport.

The initiative, according to Edmunds, has been supported by Government funding and various grants and these funds have helped the parking lot owners to cover the cost of installation and free juice bar access that is provided.

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