ECOmove QBEAK Topless Electric Vehicle Prototype For You to See!


Danish EV company ECOmove has introduced the first prototype of their QBEAK series. They unveiled their first model in their hometown of Horsens. This model is topless electric runabout and features the qualities that everyone would expect for a city car. It is lightweight, compact in size and has a modular chassis. It comes equipped with a sliding electric doors and the driving position has been centered. They have also added a smart phone-based instrumentation within the steering wheel.

The slick “skateboard” platform will be common for all QBEAK vehicles is said to be an innovation which can offer surprising possibilities. The base is expandable both in the means of length and width. Autoblogreen says it has been manufactured with aluminum, Kevlar composites and plastics and all the control systems and batteries are attached to it. The suspension and motor bits have been constructed within the wheels of the vehicle.


The QBEAK series of vehicles are said to be manufactured rust-free with recyclable body panels that can undergo timely updates in both style and color. The price of the model is not yet revealed but the needy can book the vehicle through the website of the company without any initial deposits. The car can be ordered with varied amount of batteries which may range up to 250-kilometers (155-miles).

Check out the video too:

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