Citroen C-Zero & Berlingo First Electric Start Taking Orders


Citroen’s electric vehicles C-Zero and Berlingo First Electric have begun taking orders. The automaker company has taken 800 orders for the C-Zero and 400 orders for Berlingo First Electric. The orders taken will be fulfilled soon, says the company and will be available at public and private showrooms within the next month.

Of the 800 C-Zeroes, 400 were ordered by Raiffeisen Leasing in Austria, 63 C-Zeros by private customers in Norway, 53 by Choose EV in Denmark and some will go to customers in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France whose identities are not disclosed yet by the company. 250 C-Zeros were ordered by National/Citer, a short-term car rental company upon a contract signed with Citroen.

Thus National/Citer becomes the first rental company to set up a fleet of this size of full-electric vehicles. The vehicle is often said to be the identical twin of i-MiEV, the vehicle launched by Mitsubishi. But in case of the 250 battery-powered Berlingo First Electrics, all of the first 400 have been ordered for fleet use by La Poste, the French post office and by Raiffeisen Leasing.

The bulk orders being received proves that the fact that the electric car has become a sales reality at the Citroen. The orders from both private and professional customers indicate increment in the production of the vehicles. The Paris Motor Show also confirmed the same. Here’s a YouTube video for you to watch:

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