Brad Pitt’s ‘Tree Of Life’ Relocated & Replanted


The 80-100-year-old oak tree at Smithville, which had been excavated and moved outside of the town on a semi-truck during the filming of “The Tree of Life” in 2008 directed by Terrence Malick, has been relocated and replanted. The giant tree accounts for 65,000 lbs and had starred in the movie which had on its cast big names such as Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. The theme of the movie had centered around an existential plot.

Brad Pitt has been quoted by Ecorazzi as saying that that the story is of a little kid growing up in the 1950s with his parents. The mother is a lady who is an incarnation of grace and beauty, but the father is a man oppressive in nature. So the boy is negotiating his way through it, defining who he is going to be when he grows up.

That is juxtaposed with a little, tiny micro-story of the cosmos, from the beginning of the cosmos to the death of the cosmos. So that’s where the element of science fiction creeps in.

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