Apopka Matthews Cremation Bio Cremation Machine Comes as an Eco-friendly Alternative to End-of-Life Decisions


Apopka funeral-equipment company has invented a bio cremation machine ‘Matthews Cremation’ which comes as an eco-friendly alternative to end-of-life decisions.  This latest initiative in the funeral industry, involves dissolving the deceased in a heated chemical solution. The machine in fact involves an accelerated form of natural decomposition the body undergoes when buried. The official term for the procedure is alkaline hydrolysis.

The body to be cremated is placed in a container, then a chemical solution of mostly water and alkali immerses the body and it dissolves the body completely while cranking up to 350 degrees.

The bones are removed, ground and then is placed in the urn. Still the procedure leaves little carbon footprint. But it is regarded as more environmentally efficient than the other alternatives.

Apopka is a division of Matthews International, a funeral-services company. Matthews Cremation is providing equipment to the Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home in St. Petersburg, to perform the first bio-cremation in the country before year’s end.

The funeral home expects to get permitting approval from the city in the next week or so.

Florida is leading the way and the Florida Legislature passed a bill last year that allows funeral homes to provide the method to the public.

It’s already legal in Maine, Maryland, Oregon and Minnesota. The company , according to OrlandoSentinel, plans to charge the same fee as that of a standard cremation, about $2,800 for this too.

The new green initiative has been received with mixed response. Many of the religious faiths prohibit cremation instead they prefer burial. Moreover, some people are in support of green burial options but they prefer decomposition rather than ending up in a container with chemicals.

The rising environmental consciousness, a steady rise in the number of cremations and the less cost incurred for it indicates that the idea of bio cremation have future. Committed environmental enthusiasts are likely to extend their support.

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