Alicia Silverstone Tells Us About Being Vegan in The Kind Diet

alicia silverstone

Alicia Silverstone’s love for nature is no secret.  She did even swim fully naked for a PETA ad, which incidentally got banned in the US.  The ‘Clueless’ actor, who has been long part of many an environmental activism movements, is now ready with her, The Kind Diet: How to Feel Great, Lose Weight, and Save the Planet. The work debuts later this month. A keen follower of eco-friendly initiatives, Silverstone has been and ardent buff of all things vegan.  When it comes to fashion and beauty, she swears by Melissa Plastic Dream shoes, Ecoganik clothes and Josie Maran Cosmetics. These apart, EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone collection of cosmetic bags made from hemp with a recycled PET lining would debut for the holiday season.

She has been quoted as saying in an interview  that if environmentalists who are meat eaters were given the whole truth about how many of our resources are wasted on meat production, they’d be horrified.  This because,  creating one 16-ounce steak would  takes six months worth of showering water. And, that doesn’t meanthat an organic farmer uses less water!

Alicia has said that she started getting involved in ecofriendly initiatives about 11 years ago, when she started her love of animals From then on, she started to learn more and found that the same things that were good for animals were also good for the planet.

In the pretty elaborate interview with ecoStiletto, she also points out that all deserve clean water and air and food, but not everybody has that. That is one aspect about her that has been driving her toward loving nature.

Her book, in the meanwhile, is an intuitive and wise way of looking at food, health and fitness.  You can order  a copy here.

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