Women on Top When it Comes to Understanding Global Warming


So, you all thought men are better when it comes to understanding science? Think again, folks. A new study has found that women not only have a good understanding of science but are also more likely than men to believe in climate change science.

Though it has been acknowledged that men claim to have a better understanding of global warming, the womenfolk are better equipped and their beliefs go well with the scientific consensus. I can the see the women out there smiling again! (Image via Globalfamilybuilding)

The study, “The effects of gender on climate change knowledge and concern in the American public,” has been published in the September issue of Population and Environment. Aaron M. McCright, lead-researcher and an associate professor at the Michigan State University’s Department of Sociology, has been quoted as saying by The Money Times that the study findings reveal that women underestimate their scientific knowledge  and that has been a troubling pattern prevalent among young women.

The study provides in-depth information on how women are more in-sync with science and also cements the fact that they tend to underestimate or doubt their scientific comprehension.

Data was analyzed by researchers for Gallup organization’s annual environment survey between March 2001-2008. The researchers tried to finding out people’s knowledge about climate change.

It has been found that “a greater percentage of women than men worry about global warming a great deal (35% to 29%), believe global warming will threaten their way of life during their lifetime (37% to 28%) and believe the seriousness of global warming has been underestimated in the news (35% to 28%).”

And that is not all. It has also been revealed that women are also more likely than men to believe that humans are primary reason for the global warming.

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