Turning Vegan to be a Convincing Wolverine


Here’s news that goes against everything that conventional nutrition advice told you – you can put on muscle with a totally vegan diet! Don’t believe us? Ask Hugh Jackman! The X-Men star is reportedly working with vegan nutritionist Brendan Brazier to build up his physique for X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. Brazier is an endurance athlete and the creator of line of plant-based whole food nutritional products named Vega.

Hugh Jackman has been interested in Vegan products for some time now, and has been integrating Brazier’s ideas outlined in his book ‘Thrive’.

He invited Brazier to meet him for a discussion, which reportedly led to the nutritionist working on preparing Jackman for the film.

According to Brazier, Hugh Jackman has been moving towards veganism for health and environmental reasons and also to set a good example to his kids.

Although it is still unclear whether Jackman will be totally vegan while preparing for the Wolverine sequel, it can be safely assumed that a major portion of his diet will definitely be vegan.

Brazier is excited that having this celebrity publicity will draw people’s attention to veganism, which a lot of people are still unclear about. This way, a lot of Wolverine fans might be inspired to go green in their food, just like their hero.

A vegan diet is one that tries to exclude any animal product from being consumed – including eggs, dairy products and honey. A well-planned vegan diet has been proven to be healthy and one that satisfies nutritional needs, and also offers protection against heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.

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