Swallowed by a Sandstorm: NGC Cameraman Bob Poole Shoots as he Gets Engulfed (Video)


If you would remember, a few days ago we had posted this trailer of Great Migrations and what it would be like.  The shoot has been going on for quite a while now, and it is simply amazing to see of the pains the men behind the series have been taking to capture the nature’s various emotions, on camera.

Look at what we have here for you. What you are looking at in the video, sourced from Ecorazzi, posted along side is one of those many behind the scenes shots the talented cameramen have been captured on.

In this behind-the-scenes video  for National Geographic’s upcoming HD mini-series Great Migrations,  ace cameraman Bob Poole can be seen battling a massive sand storm even as he tracks elephants in Mali on foot.

Tell us what you think about it.

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