Raveena Tandon Slips into Snake Skin for PETA Ad


Indian actress Raveena Tandon Thadani has joined the line of celebrities who have participated in PETA’s campaigns. PETA’s new ad which have appeared ahead of the Lakme Fashion Week to be held from September 17 to 21, features Tandon lying in a pool of blood in an outfit that resembles snake skin.

The ad reads ‘Wearing Exotic Skins Kills. Leave Wildlife Out of Your Wardrobe’ and attempts to convey the message of shunning animal skin to make shoes, clothes and other accessories.

The actress has said she wants the people to know how snakes, alligators and pythons are nailed and beaten to death for their skin.

She also advises the usage of fake skin to satisfy fashion needs. PETA’s new campaign sheds light on the suffering endured by these creatures. The outfit has been designed by Karishma Trehan.

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  1. lol…peta is complaining about the meat dress that lady gaga wore to the vma’s…

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