Mumbai’s Moksha Tower is a Green Clad Vertical Cemetery


We don’t have to tell you that there are no more living spaces in India’s Mumbai metro. The population and the dwelling spaces have been pushing the metro to the limit in such a way that there isn’t any more space for the living – let alone the dead! Oh yeah, the dead too have no place for that matter.  You guessed it right, cemeteries are in short supply too in this busy city where even the living beings find it too hard to find a place to set their foot on.

Let’s talk about the dead. With traditional cemeteries taking up space that will never be gained back in the future, a new effort dubbed the ‘Moksha Tower project’ has been given shape to.

The project, as detailed by CTBUH, adopts traditional burial methods from four major religions in Mumbai and is replanting them into an urban context.  The result would be a tower, where you can bury the dead.

Freeing up much ground space for the living, the Moksha Tower would come with enough place of rest for the dead.  What’s more, the architecture is in such a way that it would resemble a structure that brings to mind a mythical bridge between earth and heaven.


Religion is not a criterion for opting for the Moksha Tower. For Muslims, the tower would provide space for funerals and space for garden burial, while the Christians can ask for areas for funerals and burial

The Hindus  would have facilities for cremation and a river to immerse the ashes. And for the Parsis, a tower of silence would be located on the roof of the tower.

The Moksha Tower is being constructed as per a green concept with designers Yalin Fu and Ihsuan Lin making sure that there are enough and more public green spaces throughout the height of the tower. It will also be made sure that vegetation and greenery is in abundance and that it would help absorb CO2 and pollution.

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