Kia POP Compact Electric Car Fascinates Us; See the Cutie in Paris


When it comes to auto shows, one aspect we find interesting thee days is the showcasing of electric vehicles.  The Paris Motor Show of 2010 has got underway and we get to see many an electric model raring to go. One model that catches our eyes is named the POP and the cutie comes from the Kia stables. Kia Motors has brought to the Paris platform its eye-catching, compact, unique electric POP concept car with the promise of staying friendly with the earth we all live in. The pretty small car boasts of a striking design and incorporates advanced motoring technologies.

Attired in chrome hues, the three-metre-long 3-seater POP promises to catch all attention with its strikingly features that have been hitherto unseen.

And they include a unique side-window design, dot-pattern head and taillights, back-lit front grille, rear-view cameras in each door and full-length glass roof. Further, it also comes with simplistically designed wheels.


The interiors are rich with a purple coloured theme that reassures a peaceful environment within the cabin. When running, the driver would get to see a small piece of plexi-glass, just in front of the steering wheel, that displays a Transparent Organic LED (TOLED) display for speed and  battery charge. When the car switches to idle, the display area turns transparent.


A fully-electric, zero-emissions car with a 60 ps, 190 Nm motor, the POP is powered by highly efficient, compact lithium polymer gel batteries and is fully rechargeable in just six hours, the company has said.

The POP can race to a top speed is 140 kph. On a single charge of the batteries,  it can run a  maximum range of 160 km. Don’t you think Kia has come out with a car concept we all were hoping to see, and drive around?


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