Kestrel Electric Vehicle Concept Design Images Out


Motive Industries had unveiled the Kestrel, an electric car concept, at the EV 2010 VÉ Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver. Though everyone thought that there would be a complete vehicle shown off at the event, there was, in fact, only a door. Now, the company has released the design images of the car. The company said they were releasing the images because of numerous requests and that they are happy to satisfy those requests since the design has been officially released.

The design manages a four-seat configuration within a minimal amount of space. The car has a short front end and very forward-placed front wheels, resulting in a cab-forward design that should help it maneuver in crowded city streets. It seems that the three-door car has been designed with city drivers in mind, who are typically either driving alone or with one other passenger.

The car grabbed some headlines even before it was official, since the company had announced that the vehicle will be made from a hemp-based bio-composite material.

Not only are its panels impact-resistant, but bio-composites in general are said to be lighter, less expensive and more ecologically-sustainable than conventional composites.

The Kestrel is one of the cars in the Project Eve line up. Project Eve is a consortium of Canadian companies who have come together to help advance the progress of bringing electric mobility to Canada.

The project was inspired by a similar U.S. hybrid consortium founded in 2000 to convince car manufacturers and the public that hybrid-electric cars could be reliable and cost-efficient.

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