Haute Cuisine! Kingston University Student Emily Crane Designs Edible Clothes (Video)


A fashion student at Kingston University is pioneering a new strain of edible couture. Emily Crane, 22 has been experimenting with seaweed, gelatin, and food dyes and swapping ideas with the chefs at the Fat Duck restaurant at Bray, in Berkshire. Her work is likely to become a perfect meeting point of couture with cuisine.

Hailing from Winsley near Bath, England, Crane was drawn to Kingston to study for a Masters in Fashion. Now, unlike her fellow designers who toil in their studios, worry about the rolling-rack gridlock, wrinkled garments, visit couture houses and have last-minute fitting woes, she is all set to experience and discover something different.

But she herself admits that she has little idea of what exactly is going to turnout, since all the processes are still very experimental.

The student designer’s maiden works at Kingston include a dress grown from soap bubbles in her freezer, says Ecouterre.  A major turning point for her came while designing a dress which was half white and half black and where she experimented using a black food dye. The white side stayed solid, but the black side became soft.

This made her realize how the glycerol in the food dye had completely changed the texture of the garment. This very incident made her switch to the idea of ‘edible’ outfits. Now she has teamed up with chemists, culinary experts and futuristic couturiers to underpin the scientific nature of the work she creates.

Emily Crane’s work forms part of Kingston University’s display at Vauxhall Fashion Scout on September 17, during London Fashion Week.

Guests will be able to touch and feel some of the samples during the show at Freemasons’ Hall in Covent Garden, London. Crane also plans to sell her designs in kit form so that people will be able to ‘cultivate’ their own uniquely tailored outfits.

Here’s a video of Emily doing it:

Edible Clothing by Emily Crane from Jasmin Chua on Vimeo.

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