Cri-Cri, the Smallest Electric Plane, Takes Off on its Maiden Flight

It’s called the Cri-Cri, is battery-powered and flies too. The world’s smallest electric plane has just taken off and that marked Cri-Cri’s official maiden flight. Those who were at the Le Bourget airport near Paris on September 2, witnessed the smooth take off of the plane that boasts of zero CO2 emissions and less noise.

cri cri 1

Cri-Cri has been jointly developed by EADS Innovation Works, Aero Composites Saintonge and the Green Cri-Cri Association, and it has taken its place in history as the first-ever four-engined all-electric aerobatic plane.

The Cri-Cri comes with an extremely  lightweight composite structure that reduces its weight. This, in turn, allows for additional weight of the necessary batteries and the four brushless electric motors and counter-rotating propellers, say reports.

cri cri 2

(Images: EADS)

According to EADS,  the electric plane  comes with several innovative technologies such as lightweight composite structures that reduce the weight of the airframe, four brushless electric motors with counter-rotating propellers which deliver propulsion without CO2 emissions and significantly lower noise compared to thermal propulsion, and high energy-density Lithium batteries.

Powered by the battery pack, the Cri-Cri has the capability to maintain 30 minutes of autonomous cruise flight at 110km/h or an alternative 15 minutes of autonomous aerobatics at speeds of up to 250 km/h.

As it took off on a test mission, it was successful enough to stay airborne for 7 minutes before landing. Sounds interesting, right?

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