Chinese Cities Switch Off Power at Homes & Factories to Meet Energy-Saving Targets!

Would you let your government  order power cuts in areas where revenue generating factories run,  just to meet energy-saving targets? China is doing exactly that. Chinese steel mills and mobile phone factories are being forced to remain idle along with thousands of houses as local governments have begun ordering power cuts to meet energy-saving targets set by Beijing.


The local administrations have been working overtime to ensure rolling blackouts and enforced power cuts and in turn are making key industrial areas suffer.

Reports confirm that Taizhou, a prosperous eastern city, has had to turn off street lights and order hotels and shopping malls to reduce power consumption. Meanwhile, another city, Anping County, which is China’s wire-manufacturing hub, is seeing  thousands of factories and homes facing black outs.

The act is being seen by industrial houses as akin to a bolt from the blue. Many are made to race towards deadlines, others are facing penalties for not being able to finish orders for products in time.

Even worse is the condition of residents in many of the areas where power cuts are rampant.  There are even situations where people are not able to use the toilet as water pumps have been rendered idle due to the power cuts.

Meanwhile, it is also being said that the local governments are trying to blackmail the central government , by exhibiting an attitude which could well read like this: “If you order me to do something I can’t deliver, I will pass on the pressure to ordinary people.” It has been reported that the Cabinet planning agency, the National Development and Reform Commission, has lambasted Anping officials for ordering the household power cuts.

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