Casio 3D Virtual Tour Brings to You the Green Slim Line of Projectors that Could Make You Dump Your FlatScreen TV


Have you been to the Casio website lately? If you haven’t, its time you did that. For, Casio has unveiled a new exciting feature on its website which offers you a 3D virtual tour of its new projector products. What’s so new, you tend ask. Go visit  the website and you will know why I’m telling you this.

The 3D virtual tour of projector products opens up before you fresh specifications and capabilities that the company’s innovative Green Slim line of mercury-free, high-brightness projectors offer. Travel through the Virtual Room Experience and it becomes clear that the tour showcases the ease of use, portability and low cost of ownership that the Green Slim Projectors provide for various applications including business, education, gaming and home entertainment.

What’s more? You will get to know that company also lets you upload images, demo the projector and get in touch with all features and settings of the vast line.

The virtual tour would give you the amazing Virtual Room Experience that can spur you to go for the products. The tour also provides you with an interactive demonstration of how the projector can enhance their viewing experience in the boardroom, classroom, living room or bedroom.

You will also be educated on the Green Slim line’s features and benefits and also brings to the fore lamp-free, low maintenance, lightweight and portable projectors capable of expanding the viewing area to 100 inches or larger .

At the end of, don’t blame me for insisting that you visit the website as you may be tempted to dump your flat screen television and pick one of those Green Slim projectors.

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