CAN Fresh Air Infomercial is Hilarious; and Thought-Provoking Too

Hilarious, but thought-provoking! That’s what Clean Air Network (CAN)’s brand new public service announcement is. And it talks about the alarming levels of air pollution in Hong Kong.

CAN infomercial

Featuring popular Hong Kong movie star Daniel Wu, the new public service video is an ultimate infomercial that evokes though on the air pollution scene via a fake brand of canned air called Fresh Air.

The infomercial video stays away from those dead serious  way of driving home a point and opts for a satirical route. You are spurred to imagine pollution so bad that you  are made to think of purchasing  canned air to perform even everyday functions.

Daniel Wu says: “For only $2 a can, you can breathe fresh air, like they do for free in other countries.” 

CAN has made the infomercial after having been convinced by its advertising agency, DDB. The video seeks to enlighten viewers by taking an absurdist, sarcastic approach to the issue of health, lifestyle and air pollution.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is. Make sure you don’t forgetto tell us what you feel about this. Also, try and share the infomercial. Remember, it isn’t just Hong Kong that is under air pollution peril, the whole world is.

(Via CAN)

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