BMW Mini Electric Scooter Set for Paris Showcase; Pictures Reveal an Upcoming Charmer

BMW Mini Escooter

Electric and young! That is how we would like to describe the upcoming BMW Mini.  If you haven’t heard about it as yet, the BMW Mini is the famed automaker’s “spontaneous, flexible and CO2-free’ electric scooter that promises to charm. The pictures give us some kind of an enthusiasm to go for it – not just for the beauty of it but also for the engineering part of it that promises a smooth all electric ride.

Though not yet available , we are looking forward to see coverage of the Paris Motor Show where the bike will debut and be showcased. The BMW Mini has got a glamor story too all writ over it, with British model Agyness Deyn lifting the wraps off it. Many more urban boys and girls are sure to go for it the moment it rolls out for real. Three  versions of the E-Scooter Concept were unveiled in London on Wednesday .

BMW Mini Escooter2

BMW Mini Escooter1

Not many details are available at the moment, and I guess it would be good to wait for an official detailing at the Paris platform. We get to know from a Wired report that the electric motor can be recharged from a wall socket, and that the scooter can start with a smartphone app, which makes you forget the usual key. Also, it will come with GPS tech to alert you to other electric scooter riders in the area and flash headlights when you pass them.

BMW Mini Escooter4

While one version is a two-seater that comes with matte charcoal and yellow hues, the second is a single-seater with a purist design. Version 3 has more to do with the British pop culture of the 1960s. Taking off from the Italian scooter design and combining all that is urban, the BMW Mini is one electric vehicle you would want to ride.

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  2. I fully support all efforts to conserve, reuse and recycle – and it should be something that the whole nation should be doing – NOW!

  3. We have just started to use an electric vehicle on some farming land, which is 95% made of recyclable product – this was the first of many to come, I think.

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