Beyond Oil Video Campaign has Eva Mendes & Ed Begley Jr Say Its Now Time For No More Oil


It’s time now for no more oil. That’s what the new Beyond Oil Campaign exhorts you to look at. Anchored by Eva Mendes and Ed Begley Jr, the new video campaign has a voice that has been growing louder.

With more and more people and celebrities such as Eva Mendes and Ed Begley Jr joining in the campaign, it is expected that the call to end America’s dependence on oil is getting heard. The celebrities can be seen and heard calling out toothier fans to join the effort to switch to clean energy.

evamendesWhat’s significant is the fact that you can use your name to create some clever scene inter-mixed with the Sierra Club’s new Beyond Oil campaign.

The Beyond Oil campaign is an interactive video that lets you customize newspaper headlines, banners, and other images with your name or a friend’s name.

And finally,  if you live in the United States, you can also sign a petition to President Obama seeking the switch toward clean energy.  Check out the video here. Go for it.

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