Baby Carrots Get Seductive With Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food TV Campaign


Can baby carrots be cool and sexy, and become extreme junk food? The answer is yes. Well, that’s the message we get when we take a peek at the videos posted below. The videos are part of the ad campaign meant to get people thinking of baby carrots, which are actually made by taking fully grown carrots and cutting them up into smaller ones, as a brand that is exciting.

These Television ads were created to spice up the public’s opinion about baby carrots. The videos depict a woman lusting after carrots, carrot sports featuring a young man who launches off a mountain top in a grocery cart and catches a carrot (shot by a gun) in his mouth, and futuristic scientists studying crunch.

The campaign was started by baby carrot farmers who hope that the ‘Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food’ effort will double the $1 billion market in two or three years. CEO of Bolthouse Farms, the nation’s top baby carrot producer with 50 percent of the market, Jeff Dunn said that they are going to turn baby carrots into a very vital brand in the mind of consumers.

Other marketing strategies include billboards with messages like “Our crunch can beat up your crunch”, carrot vending machines in schools, repackaging baby carrots in the form of junk food, a mobile app featuring a crunch-powered game (now available for free download on iTunes), seasonal tie-ins such as Halloween ‘scarrots’ and a Facebook page.

It has to be seen whether these cute little vegetables can get into the minds of people. You have to realize that the baby carrot industry will be going directly against the $18 billion salty snack food industry.

But these videos are actually seductive. Those carrots really look nice and crunchy. Take a look and see whether you feel the same.

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