Yamaha EC-03 Electric Bike Sports Lightweight And Total Green Features


Yamaha has introduced a new zero-emissions bike with ultra slim features and a lightweight design. The Yamaha EC-03 comes about as vehicle with a new high energy density 50V lithium-ion Sanyo battery and Yamaha Motor’s exclusive super-slim Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU). These features play together to offer absolutely smooth running performance.

Featuring a plug-in recharging option possible from a 100V household electrical outlet, the Yamaha EC-03 sports a lightweight aluminum alloy frame. You will be able to fully charge the battery in approximately six hours and the distance per charge comes to around 43km at 30km/h on a windless flat road at 25°C.


Features include an electronic throttle built into the handlebar grip, a choice of two running modes, a PIN input type anti-theft device, a high-function LED Meter Panel with odometer and tripmeter switching function, key-operated pop-up type seat lock, a wire type helmet holder, luggage hook and more, say the guys at Fareastgizmos.

To be made available in Japan by October 1 2010 onwards, the vehicle is likely to come a bit earlier in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The greens in this area can look forward to picking the Yamaha EC-03 from September1 onwards.

(Via Fareastgizmos)

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