Chelsea–Marc Wedding To Be A Gala Vegan Event


By now you all know that former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton  is getting married. The latest from the bride’s camp is that the wedding is going to be all vegan. The biggest wedding of the year, as people tend to call it, the Chelsea Clinton-Marc Mezvinsky wedding that will happen on an estate at Rhinebeck in New York later this year would be an example by all standards.

Reports suggest that Chelsea will marry the will marry investment banker Marc and the food that will be served to guests will include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. However, it is being pointed out that there will also be grass-fed organic beef on the menu.


Wedding planner Diann Valentin  has been quoted as saying by Ecorazzi that “it will certainly be the most influential of setting trends. If anything becomes public knowledge it will immediately set a trend.” That could mean there are a lot more gluten-free vegan weddings lined up in the US later on. Clinton and Mezvinksy are said to be pumping in close to $3 million for the gala event. .

Chelsea’s decision to have a vegan wedding is being attributed to her dislike for non vegetarian food. She is also allergic to gluten and loves a fully plant based menu.

(Via Ecorazzi)

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