Green Book Tablet Dubbed World’s Lightest E-Reader


Heard and read a lot on all those tablets that have arrived, and the ones that are waiting in the wings? It is now time for some thing from Green Book territory.  Taiwan’s Green Book Inc has rolled out what it calls the world’s lightest electronic book reader.The device is, in fact, Green Book Inc’s updated version of the Greenbook it had unveiled in 2009. The Greenbook was the first ever Chinese-language e-book reader. The new device was showcased at the recent Computex in Taipei.

All of just 180 grams m the tablet is dubbed to be the world’s lightest and is better designed to read e-books. It weighs so less that it could easily fit into a pocket. In comparison the Apple iPad weighs about 1.5 pounds.

The Green Book device comes sporting a six-inch screen, and has the capability to store within itself up to 30,000 books with a maximum 32 GB memory. You will also be able to read around 8,000 pages on a single charge of the battery. Though designed for Chinese-language books, the maker says that the new Greenbook can be used for other languages too.

(Via Physorg)

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