Fiat developing hybrid city car; promises CO2 emissions of as low as 80 g per km


Fiat is in the process of building a new hybrid city car featuring a turbocharged 900cc TwinAir two-cylinder petrol engine and a hybridized dual-clutch transmission. Promising CO2 emissions of as low as 80 g per km, the car’s hybridized dual-clutch transmission will house inside it a tiny small electric motor that would help it run low speeds.

The electric motor will be powered by a small battery pack and will help turn the gearbox’s internal shafts and gears, and will power the car while the petrol engine goes into idle mode. Interesting, isn’t it?

The entry level hybrid powertrain that the car maker is building, is clearly aimed at maneuvering city traffic. We also hear that this electric motor system would soon be fitted as an option in the Fiat 500 as well as the next-generation Panda. The Puntos of the future might get it, says a report.

Fiat is likely to position the new hybrid city car on the same platform as the Toyota iQ and Volkswagen Up!

(Via Worldcarfans)

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