Thailand Tourism to Bring in Added Green to Green Island and Siaoliouciou


The tourism haven of Thailand is all set for a greener makeover. The Asian nation’s Tourism Bureau has lined up plans to pump in close to NT$800 million (US$25 million) in the next three years to spruce up eco-tourism in Green Island  and Siaoliouciou. As per plan, the Bureau will look at replacing about 14,600 regular scooters on the two islands with electric scooters by 2013. The aim is to cut down on CO2 emissions by as much as 2,000 tonne.

To be made effective over a four year period, the strategy keeps in line with Thailand’s energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction policy. To make the plan more effective, the nation’s administration has entrusted the Ministry of Transportation and Communications with carrying out the eco-­tourism projects on Green Island and Siaoliouciou. These two are Thailand’s outlying islands.

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Apart from replacing all regular scooters on the two islands, legislation would be put in place so as to install public chargers for electric scooters. Further, the administration also plans to bring in electric-powered bus services on both islands.

(Via Taipei Times)

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