BestBuy in the UK with electric vehicles for you to pick


Green technology is taking the retail route. BestBuy, the electronics superstore, will kick start its first UK outlet that will retail electric cars, scooters, bicycles, and motorcycles. Located in Thurrock, Essex the retail store will showcase new and exclusive green technology area called the ‘GreenTech’ area. 

Products ranging from energy management products to solar chargers and even electric vehicles will be sold at the BestBuy Green Tech space. Electric cars, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles, helmets, lights and a wide accessory range will be lined up for you to pick. Ranging from the Telsa Roadster (£86,950) to electric bicycles such as the Gocycle would be on show. The Xero Tech and the Urban Citi e-scooters, Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle and many more will be for sale at UK’s BestBuy Green Tech area.

More such stores are to come up across the United Kingdom in a few days from now. So if you have shopping in mind,  head for the newest BestBuy store’s Green Tech area for some green picks.

(Via thegreencarwebsite; Image: spbcar)

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