LG to pump in $18 billion in next 10 years to cut water consumption and greenhouse gases


In an effort to cut down water consumption and green house gases considerably, the LG group is planning things big. We hear that the electronics giant will be pumping in close to US$17.92 billion in the next ten years to realize aim. South Korea’s fourth-largest family-run business, the LG group has already become the world’s third-largest handset maker and the world’s second largest flat-screen panel maker.

 A major share of the money would be invested in research and development with an aim to achieve its noble goals. It has been pointed out by a report that LG’s affiliates will make efforts to cut down greenhouse gas emissions to 60 percent of their 2009 levels by 2020. Further, water consumption will be reduced to 70 percent by making manufacturing processes more environmentally friendly.

The efforts are also said to be aimed at generating 10 percent of its revenue from new green businesses, including solar batteries, lithium-ion batteries and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting.

(Via FarEastGizmos)

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