Denmark hotel’s exercise bikes that generate power could bring you meal vouchers


In case you are on a Danish tour, try staying at the Crowne Plaza hotel. Guess why we suggest this? The hotel is offering its guests some appreciation and free meal vouchers in return for generating electricity by just using the exercise bike.

The Copenhagen hotel’s effort in this regard is aimed at boosting guests’ fitness and also cut down on their carbon footprint. So how do they do that? The guys at the hotel just connect the exercise bikes to generators. These generators require guests of average fitness to pedal for about 15 minutes to create 10 watt-hours of electricity! In case you would want to know what the amount of electricity has been generated as you pedaled away to fitness, the hotel has attached iPhones attached to the handlebars so that you can see the figures on the display.

So what worth your effort? By pedaling for just 15 minutes you earn a $36 meal voucher. So when in Denmark, pedal away to the restaurant armed with a hard earned green-oriented meal voucher.

(Via Popular Science)

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