BMW Megacity Electric Vehicle To Arrive In 2013


BMW is set to unveil its Megacity Electric Vehicle in 2013. Tipped to be a zero-emission urban car, the Megacity EV is in the works as part of BMW’s project i. The car will hit the tarmac under a sub-brand of the car maker.

Being built as a ultra lightweight vehicle, the BMW Megacity EV will be presented as a beauty made out of high-strength composite carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. The weight will be less due to this despite the  heavy set of batteries that would power the vehicle.

The Megacity EV would add to the BMW electric car line up, which is already strong with the presence of the Mini E. It had ventured into electric car production as many as 40 years ago with a modified version of the BMW 1602, which had then led the long-distance walking and marathon running events in the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Under production at the Leipzig plant in Germany, the BMW Megacity EV is being eagerly anticipated. We are looking forward to 2013 to come soon

(Via Bimmerfest)

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  3. I think its a great Electric car.It has functionality,its small,better stylish with a host of good design,and will surely bring to an eye the brand from the youth.Electric technology is really fascinating.All the best BMW!!I have always believed that BMW is very very serious about safety….

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